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Phaser Arrays are long strips of linked emitters that share a power feed, allowing the ship to fire from any point along the strip. This allows the ship to fire in multiple directions at once, or to adjust and fire on moving targets repeatedly in quick succession. Arrays have a range category of Medium. Further, when declaring the target of an attack with an Array, the attacking character may choose to grant one of the Area or Spread effects for the attack. Phasers are precise and adaptable. 

Making an attack with Phaser Arrays has a Difficulty of 2, and has a Power requirement of 1. An attacker may spend up to two points of additional Power (beyond the requirement) to bolster an energy weapon’s attack, adding +1 to the damage of the attack for each Power spent.

Proton Torpedoes are self-propelled projectiles, containing large volatile, energetic or explosive payloads, torpedoes are less precise and less subtle weapons than a beam of energy, but they are extremely potent when used correctly. 

Making an attack with a torpedo has a Difficulty of 3. Torpedoes do not have a Power requirement, and cannot benefit from additional power spent on their attacks. However, torpedoes are potent enough that they can escalate conflicts, so declaring an attack with a torpedo adds +1 to Threat.

Torpedoes may be fired in a salvo: a volley of several torpedoes, intended to have a much greater effect. Firing a salvo of torpedoes adds 2 Threat to the pool, along with the 1 point of Threat for a torpedo attack, for a total of 3 Threat. Firing a salvo of torpedoes adds +3 to Threat instead of +1, but it increases the attacks damage by +1, and grants the Spread effect to the attack. 

Ship Sheet

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